Walmart fire

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Walmart burns down

Earlier this week it has come to our attention that the Walmart on 27 and ryan
has burned down. Firefighters came on the scene as fast as they could but it was
too late. There were many deaths in fact 27 people died. Police actually suspect
it might be arson but it is unknown who would do this and why. It is suspected
that the arsonist used supplies that were sold in the store to start the fire.
The only piece of evidence was a message left that says incendie.
this translates to fire in french.

The Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has publically expressed his sadness
and regret as he wishes he could have done something to prevent this. He has
also said he is working close with the police to get to the bottom of this.
This quote is the final thing he had to say on the subject.

I promise you my friends that I will get to the bottom of this
mystery myself and I will find the psychopath responsible for this
Currently this is the only information we have on this topic.
But as soon as more comes up we will report everything we hear as
soon as we get the information from our people on the inside.

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