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Robert Baldwin


Robert is a hard woking person that has been with the company for many years now. He has been a friend to all of us in our great times of need. He is very reliable and has helped the company through it's worse times.

Jaden Dow

Head Researcher

Jaden is a very energetic person. She often works more then she needs too and finishes projects days in advance. She also often throws parties for other's birthdays.

Karen Danvers

Head of Marketing

Aura has a great heart and a even greater work ethic. She had a little trouble on her first week but she's a very quick learner. She has made some of our most popular commercials and phrases.

Oscar Issac

Head of Design

Oscar is good at making products he doesnt just make it so that they work but he also needs to make sure they look good. He's one of a kind and we are lucky to have him